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The Latest Massacre - The 2012 Houla Massacre - World - Middle East - Blackout
The Houla massacre was an attack that took place on May 25, 2012, in the midst of the Syrian Uprising, in two opposition-controlled villages in the Houla Region of Syria, a cluster of villages north of Homs. According to the United Nations, 108 people were killed, including 34 women and 49 children. While a small proportion of the deaths appeared to have resulted from artillery and tank rounds used against the villages, the U.N. later announced that most of the massacre's victims had been "summarily executed in two separate incidents".UN investigators have reported that witnesses and survivors claimed that the massacre was committed by Shabiha

Perpetrator - Shabiha & Syrian Military
Massacre Date - May 25, 2012
Massacre Location - Houla, Homs, Syria
Massacre Deaths - 108
Massacre Injuries - multiple

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